How we started


Brainy Bop learning system was created by a certified teacher and developed by a team of leading educational professionals. While teaching in the public school system, Ms. Shaun Miller, creator of Brainy Bop, found that many of the students who entered her class lacked basic key skills needed for success.  They were left behind and their futures were limited. That was the spark that fueled Shaun to begin researching early education techniques and teaching skills.  She used these techniques to help empower her students to maximize their academic potential.  


Ms. Shaun knew how important early education was for success in life.  Early education was the key to empowerment.  The empowerment needed to accomplish dreams and so she opened up a daycare.  Later she added tutoring and workshops to the educational services she provided. 


While serving as a daycare provider, Ms. Shaun developed a learning system that assisted her students in learning early educational skills.  This method of teaching addressed each intelligence area and helped each child to reach the potential appropriate for his or her developmental stage.  The best thing was that the children did not even know they were learning because it was so much fun.  Her son was among the daycare students and he was reading sight words by the age of one and was able to comprehend reading material at the age of two.  The system was so successful with teaching early learning skills, she decided to make it available to everyone.  So she launched Brainy Bop.  Brainy Bop is an early educational system for children.  The system is fun, engaging, and based upon multiple intelligences in an effort to help all early learners achieve their highest potential.




"I want to read more. I'm a Brainy Bop!"


- Kaytlyn Sprawlings

Age 3 Years

"I love reading. Thanks Brainy Bop!"


- Ryan Green

 Age 2 years

"Brainy Bop is a great part of my learning curriculum. My daycare children love the fun interactive format."


- Ms. Lisa Watts

Daycare Director